Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 2, 2012

Shameless Plugs: Raven Blog

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn (Photo credit: TheCreativePenn)

Well, I wasn’t planning on posting another Shameless Plug so soon after the first, but Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn) posted something very interesting on Facebook. This was the status:

“When’s your ideal time to write? Mine’s morning, after breakfast, before email :)

Any of you that know me in real life or have just known me for a while have a good idea of what my hobbies are, one of which is writing. (Unfortunately, if you know me that well, you also know that I’ve been putting off writing for a long time.)

So, for all of you who are writers and want to see what Joanna Penn is talking about, go see Raven Blog‘s post “11 ideal times to write” or else I’ll find you and make you read it. And for my friend WMS, who puts off writing even more than I do… yes, I was thinking of you the entire time I was reading this blog post. Because you’re the biggest procrastinator when it comes to writing, other than me, that I know!


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