Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 2, 2012

Why Is It Always Ten Things?

Even though the Numbers Equality Act was passed a few years back, ten still seems to be the number everyone goes to. Sure, sometimes you see a 20 or even a 50 if the person is really out of their mind, but for the most part you see ten. Why?

I use ten because I have an obsession with making sure it’s an even number. The volume on my TV has to either end in 0 or 5 (like 10 or 15), and it’s the same in my car. If it says 21, it drives me crazy. Because of this, I usually just use ten so as not to get anyone’s panties in a bunch, since there are people who are worse about this than I am. I have no doubt my uncle would break the TV if you dared have it on 13.

Other than that, it’s because most of the time by the time you reach number six you’re wondering why the heck you didn’t say “the five things” instead. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to get past one. (Meaning I’ve been lucky. And I don’t even have a rabbits foot—just a little pewter cat in my purse.)

To prove that it isn’t always ten, here’s a few examples from two of my favorite sites, The Oatmeal and Smosh.

So you see? It’s not always ten. I mean, think about those people who use 101. You know why they use 101?

Because they’re not as nice as me, and they’re out to piss off everyone who is OCD about numbers.


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