Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 4, 2012

Awesome Quotes: Krysta Corliss

Alright, it’s Monday now, so I don’t have any reason to slack off. (Pity.) However, before I fish for what I’m going to post today, I wanted to share something a friend of mine said on Facebook last night. Why? Well, for one she has a pretty good point. And for two I’m thankful that not all high school students are idiots. I’m going to be sad when she graduates, because I don’t recall any other intelligent people that were in grades below her while I was in my senior year.

Anyway, here’s the quote before I bore you all to death.

I think the problem with people today is that we all put on a charade; the only time our walls come down is when there’s nobody around. We get upset because nobody can see who we truly are, but we never stop to realize that if we hide ourselves all the time, nobody will ever see. And yeah, there are good and bad people in the world, but you never really know how somebody will surprise you until you let down your walls.
— Krysta Corliss

Not many people are vulnerable anymore. Heck, not even I am. We’re taught that crying is for weaklings, and that’s extremely true for guys. (Personally, I think guys that don’t cry are assholes. I don’t mean that they have to cry all the time. That’s just insane. I don’t need you to literally cry me a river.) Now where was I going with this? Hm.

Well, my explanations would probably kill the quote anyway, so enjoy it! I expect it to be famous one day. Like that one quote by Thomas Jefferson that I won’t even try to quote until I find it, lest I mutilate it horribly.


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