Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 4, 2012

Is It Illegal To Drive Barefoot?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. I have heard this before. Actually, no, you probably haven’t heard this before, what am I talking about? More than 90% of the people I know haven’t heard of this. So today, let’s see if it’s true. It’ll be like Mythbusters, only without Jamie and Adam. Or the other three whose names I can NEVER seem to remember.

There is actually someone who took the time to send out letters to all 50 states. Crazy, huh? You can find that article here. For those who can’t be bothered to read it, here’s some of the more important highlights:

  • “ Seward W. Goss, Administrative Assistant, Planning and Research Unit, Alabama Department of Public Safety, stated that while driving a car barefoot is legal, anyone operating or riding on a motorcycle is required to wear shoes[.] ”
  • “ Janet Wilcox, Analyst, Communications Section, Bureau of Driver & Vehicle Records, Michigan Department of State noted that while there is no law making driving barefoot illegal, “if a police officer feels that it is a careless driving practise, he may ticket you for careless driving.” ”
  • “ In addition, the following states: Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, and Wyoming all made the point that even though it was not illegal, driving barefoot was unsafe and, therefore, not a recommended practise. ”The AAA logo
  • “ Indiana, Montana, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wisconsin informed me that this and other information was available in the American Automobile Association (AAA) book, Digest of Motor Laws. ”

That’s right, there’s an actual book. Don’t believe me? You can view it on Amazon right here.

There’s also a site dedicated to going barefoot, and you can see their answer for this question here. Or just read this excerpt I copied from it:

“[Barefoot driving is illegal] is urban folklore and believed by so many people, even some police officers. However, if you call either your local or state police and ask them, they will say it’s legal. If the cop on the phone says otherwise, ask him/her to give you the statute number. S/he won’t be able to and then will admit their mistake.”

But if you’re a little paranoid that the cops in your area are jerks, just do what my friend used to do: wear flip flops! If you get pulled over, just slip them back on. The cop will never know. That, and it’s probably safer that way, because how many people really check the laws these days or even keep up with them? Next to no one, that’s who.


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