Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 8, 2012

Ten Cute Cat Videos

A particularly cute abandoned kitten. Found on...

A particularly cute abandoned kitten. Found only a week or two old, with her big brother (the darker one). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone else having a rather dismal day? Well, here’s some videos I found on Love Meow to help cheer you up. They sure are helping me.

  1. 4 Week Old Bottle Kittens Chowing Down
  2. Wake Up and Play With Me!
  3. Synchronized Foster Kitties in the Sink
  4. Love is Tolerance
  5. Kitten’s Dance of Intimidation
  6. Teeny Kitten Loves Her Chihuahua
  7. Playful Siberian Kittens, Too Cute for Words!
  8. So Cute It Hurts: Black-Footed Kitten at Brookfield Zoo
  9. Gingy Goes to La La Land
  10. Dish Washing Kitty


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