Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 13, 2012

Where Did I Go?

So, I was writing this blog post and then my computer decided to shut down so it could update. No big deal. It would have been nice if it had given me some warning so I could have saved this post beforehand. I’ve been told that there’s some way that I can retrieve my writing from Write or Die Desktop Edition (that’s what I’m using to write this) but I don’t really want to go and figure it out or look it up at the moment.

Writing helps keep my mind off certain other things, anyway. And helps me block out some of the people in my house that tend to get on my nerves. They’re always trying to distract me. Mostly the cats, but sometimes my grandma asks me to do things, and anyone who has ever used Write or Die with the sound on… oh, gosh, that’s just not something I want to relieve. What a horrible sound! What noise! But anyway, I guess I’ll get back to telling you guys why I disappeared for a few days.

I have a job. Not one I all that proud of, because it’s McDonald’s, but it’s a job. My

English: The official logo.

English: The official logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

first job. That seems to be a reoccurring theme in my family, only one of my cousins, EWG, worked there for a single day. Before I go into why that job has been keeping me away I want to tell you about the story dear EWG told me.

He was in the Army, and when he got out he got a job at McDonald’s. He just wanted it so he could quit. He burned the fries, salted them to the point that if anyone decided to eat them they’d definitely overdose on sodium, and then said he quit. I think that’s my favorite McDonald’s story ever.

I actually haven’t started working at this job yet. Two Saturdays ago, on June 2nd, I believe it was, I went up there for Orientation and there were seven others there too. Well, all of them are already working. They’re on the schedule. I’ve had to call three times and go up there once just to get a hold of the shift manager so she could tell me to come in and take the computer training.

So Tuesday I did that. 1:45pm to 7:15pm. The computer room was off the kitchen, and I went about two hours without anything to drink. You don’t know how wonderful it sounded to hear, “Would you like something to drink?” from the manager that I had the interview with. I have no idea what her last name is, so I’ll call her CL. CL is pretty nice. That’s probably the reason I haven’t just bolted and looked for something else, besides the fact that every time I try for something else it doesn’t work out. And if it could have, my grandma gets into one of her whining fits and says stuff like, “It’s too far!” when it’s just a few miles away (like this job).

She’s not too happy about this job, mind you. She hates the fact that I have this job. But that’s a tangent I’ll get to after telling you the last bit about what happened Tuesday.

After getting through those horrible training videos, CL told me that the shift manager would call me “tomorrow or the next day.” (So yesterday or today. No call yesterday.) Considering that I’ve been told that on four occasions (at orientation, first time I called, second time I called, and the time I went up there) I doubt that they’ll call. I’ll probably have to call again. They really need to get a planner, huh?

Now, about my grandma. I live with her, free of paying rent. I’m pretty lucky in the respect that I only have to pay my car insurance and taxes right now. (She pays for everything else.) And while that’s all good, she’s enough to drive anyone crazy. She hates the fact I have this job. I have to go over a bridge called the Gilmerton Bridge to get to work, unless I figure out where the Highrise Bridge is or that other way I can’t remember. The Gilmerton closes Sunday through either Thursday or Friday (it used to be Tuesday to Thursday, but every time I see the sign it seems the days change) from 8pm to 5am.

Now take a look at the time I got out of training. 7:15. Yeah. I was getting really paranoid that I wasn’t going to make it out before the bridge closed, and I do not know how to get home any other way. I need to fix that. I really do.

Not only that, I had my phone on vibrate and I kept getting texts and calls. I knew the calls were from my grandma. Those started about five minutes after 6:00, which was the time the shift manager said I’d be out of there. The texts were from dear old WMS and another good friend SMA. JHD also started texting me. Why were all these people texting me? Because I wasn’t supposed to be there that freakin’ long. What in the world is wrong with this place, telling me it’ll take up to four hours? If I hadn’t started skipping bits and pieces that were repeats, I would have been there until 9:00. I’m not even kidding.

Oh, and speaking of WMS, I started making him something last year. Now, about six months later, it is finally finished! Sure, my cats tried to run off with it, but I got it back. They’ve stolen fortune cookies, Halloween candy, knives, forks, spoons, tomatoes, grapes, and even my cell phone. They’re little thieves. Now, for those who want to see WMS’s gift, you’re going to have to wait until I give it to him. I wouldn’t want him to see it before he gets it! That would just ruin the surprise. If I had worked on it a little more vigorously (as in, worked on it when I was angry, sad, or whatever the mood) instead of only when I had positive thoughts, it would have been done about three months ago.

Gosh, it’s time for me to go find lunch. I just realized I haven’t eaten since my cats helped me finish off my breakfast (a pitiful chicken biscuit from 7-11). Ciao!



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