Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 16, 2012

About Me #4

Ready for more favorites?

What is your favorite food?

I love steamed crab legs, but cheese fries are a close second. Bacon cheese fries are even better.

What is your favorite drink?

Strawberry lemonade. I tend to order that, regular lemonade, or Sprite. Sometimes they don’t have those and it makes me sad. (At Chick-Fil-A, I get their diet lemonade. It’s the only diet drink I can stand.)

What dessert do you find delicious?

I love chocolate chip cookies. Or ice cream. I could go for some Italian lemon sorbet right now, in a waffle cone with strawberries. Why’d the Cold Stone Creamerynear my house stop having lemon sorbet?

Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What games do you like to play?

Drakengard (PS2), Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (GBA and DS), Okami (PS2), and you really don’t want me to continue with this list, do you? I guess a few more won’t kill you. Sly Cooper (PS2), Legend of Legaia (PS), Dark Cloud (PS2), and… and… okay, my mind went blank.

What books would you recommend?

Anything by V. C. Andrews. (Especially the real one, I don’t care much for the Ghost Writer they have continuing her books. He’s okay, but I liked her more.) Um. David Clement-Davies‘ books The Sight and Fell. Suzanne CollinsHunger Games series was pretty good. J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I think that’s all you need for now.

Is there an author that has affected you?

How can’t an author affect you? The one that I feel has had the most hold on me is V. C. Andrews, though.

What magazines do you read?

I don’t, really. I used to get Seventeen but I just tossed them to the side.

What newspaper do you read?

Hahaha. I just use Google News. It’s easier for me.

What genres of music do you listen to?

A strange array, my friend. Pop, metal, country, alternative… I’ll listen to about anything once. That might me the last time I allow you to play me your music though.

What singer/band do you listen to the most right now?

Adam Lambert! Haha, no, I have him on my iPod but I haven’t listened to him much lately. I haven’t listened to my iPod much lately, actually. I’ve just listened to my car radio or to my friend WMS’s music as of late.

What is your favorite movie?

The Nightmare Before Christmas! I can’t help but love it. My grandma doesn’t like it, and I know I watched that at least once a week as a kid.

What director do you most admire?

Tim Burton. Sorry, but I haven’t found anything he’s done yet that I can’t like.


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