Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 19, 2012

About Me #6

Jambo looks up from a playful session with his...

Jambo looks up from a playful session with his foster mom. Jambo, along with numerous other dogs and cats, is currently in foster care until his deployed Soldier comes home. Read more at “Pets of Patriots” program ensures care of Soldiers’ pets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now we’ve moved on to a section called “The Fruits of Your Labor.” Bet you can’t guess what this is about.

What are the names and ages of your children?

No Name, age zero. I don’t have kids. Don’t really want to have any. I might become a foster parent to teens later on down the road. Why? Because no one seems to want them. And those people should be ashamed of themselves. Just because teenagers have gone through a lot and probably have a million behavioral problems. I’d rather take care of a dysfunctional teen than a screaming baby. (I can just hear the crickets chirping, telling me I’m the only person who is ever going to say that.)

How about your pets?

Too many. I’m not going to try to name them all, especially not the ones that are gone. I’ve always lived with cats. Never less than six at a time. (With a Cattery License, you can have up to 20 cats.) I’ve also had some fish. I stopped after my favorite, an orange guppy named Sano, committed suicide by jumping out of the back of the tank. R.I.P., Sano.

You live in a…

House. I live in a house. But I’ve been inside a very nice apartment once, the Holly Point apartments.

What kind of transportation do you have?

A little 2001 Kia Rio. That’s right, laugh it up, but at least it runs.

What is your annual income?

… haha … Nothing right now. I’m still looking for a job. I was getting $1,056 before I turned 18. It was Social Security money from where my dad died. If only someone had taught me the meaning of “saving.” And if only I actually got all $1,056.

What is the approximate number of hours you work?

None. I don’t have a job. I’d love to have a job that gave me 40 hours a week at the least. In this economy though…


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