Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 20, 2012

About Me #7

What type of watch do you own?

I don’t. I use my phone. I used to have a watch. I’m not quite sure what happened to it. (Eyes cats suspiciously.)

What is your preferred cologne/perfume?

Er… I don’t care, really. I don’t wear perfume much. When I do it’s normally just one of those body sprays from Avon.

What do you have on your desk that is important?

A laptop. A book of home remedies. A printer/scanner. My dad’s birth certificate (from Spain).

What hangs on your wall?

A picture my dad drew many, many, many years ago and entered into a competition. It was beaten by an impressionist painting though. The wood for the frame he made for it came from his grandfather’s house, which was torn down. The frame is still holding up, too, despite it has to be at least 50 years old.

Do you hide anything under your bed or in your closet?

Of course. I hide skeletons in my closet. … what? You mean you’re not supposed to put human remains in there? Oops. But really, my cats get into everything so nothing can be under my bed without being destroyed, and we can’t even get to the closet because a giant cat cage is in the way. I hope I didn’t have anything important in there.

What do you have on your night table that is important?

A lamp. That’s about it. I keep some books inside it. That’s about it.

What do you wear to sleep?

Interesting question. One no one really needs to know. I have comfy night clothes. Some of them are thick for winter. I really don’t know how to tell you about what I wear to sleep, and I HIGHLY doubt you care.

If you had a safe, what would you keep in it?

Important stuff. You know. Things that I can’t afford to lose. Like my social security card. Birth certificate. Maybe a few charms to ward off evil spirits.

What do you like to buy?


books (Photo credit: brody4)

Books! Candles, incense, books, games, books, books, and books. But I hate shopping. Especially clothes shopping.

What would you buy right now if you had the money?

Oh, I’d pay to get my car running perfectly again. You know. The way it did about 12 years ago, long before I came across it.

Do you collect anything?

If you count books, then yes.

What don’t you have a lot of?

Shoes. Patience. Pants. Sanity. Clothes in general.


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