Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 23, 2012

About Me #9

Marriage in America in 2010

Marriage in America in 2010 (Photo credit: GEEKSTATS)

I’m not real good at keeping up with this, am I? Oh well. Onward to morals.


What is something forbidden that you have done that might even surprise your closest friends?

I really don’t know. I’ve tried marijuana. I’ve had vodka. I’d downed half a bottle of wine. I’ve smoked. Only three of those things are forbidden. There’s only one thing I can think of that has ever surprised anyone, and I’m not sure I should say it here. Because there’s one person that doesn’t know it yet, and I think he deserves for me to tell him in person what my darkest secret is before I tell anyone on the internet.


People should not marry before what age?

That would depend. Most people aren’t mature enough to get married before age 25. There isn’t a single person I’ve ever met that is mature enough mentally/emotionally that can get married before that age. There are plenty of people I know that won’t be mature enough at 25 to get married. They’ll argue with me about it. They might get mad at me when I refuse to show up to their weddings. But I’m not going to watch them ruin their lives. I don’t want that memory. I’ve got enough horrible memories as it is.


People should not have children before what age?

I really don’t think people should have kids until they’re mentally mature enough to be married, but since everyone else seems to think I’m an idiot for saying you shouldn’t marry before 25, I’ll go with 20 for kids. I’d like to be out of the “teens” before I decide I’m going to have a mini me.


People should not have sex before what age?

Ha, people shouldn’t have sex at all anymore. Why? Because I’m having trouble finding people who aren’t idiots, and idiots shouldn’t have sex. I know a handful of people who have the mental capacity to understand that sex means something. And let me tell you something—in my religion, sex is sacred. You don’t have sex with just anyone. You have sex with the person you truly love. And if it takes you until you’re 30, 40, 50 to find that person—okay I don’t want that last mental image. I’m still used to 50 being the old lady age. That doesn’t seem to exist until the 70’s now. But… yeah. Why would you have sex with someone if you’re not going to bother giving them a second glance?


When was the first time you had sex?

Well, the kind of sex this book is talking about—the traditional intercourse—I haven’t. In that sense I’m still a virgin. And in reality, I’m afraid of sex. You might not think it. Most people don’t think I’m afraid of half the things I am.


What was your most recent lie?

It was either, “I’ll be okay,” or “I’m fine.” It might also have been, “I’ll call if I have suicidal thoughts.” It was probably that last one.


What is a lie you tell yourself?

What isn’t a lie I tell myself? “I’m okay.” “I won’t have thoughts of suicide.” I’m a bitch to myself. I let me beat me up all the time. Fat. Ugly. Weak. What horrible things don’t I tell myself? I lie to myself every day. The thing is, it doesn’t matter that I know I’m lying when I say no one cares about me. I know it’s not true. But it still feels true.


What do you do if you’re late for an appointment and it’s your fault?

Normally I’m not late. I try to leave so I can get there on time. If I’m late, it’s either because of traffic, a car accident, or a bridge being up. The other times… well, any other time I have other people going with me, and they don’t seem to understand that I like being there early.


What have you stolen that wasn’t worth the risk?

I don’t think I’ve stolen anything. I can’t recall a time I have. I’ve stolen food off people’s plates, mostly to bug them. What have I stolen that had any risk to it?






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