Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 26, 2012

About Me #12

How would you react if your spouse/partner cheated on you?

Good question. I’d probably key their car. Steal something of theirs. Think hostile thoughts toward them for the rest of my life. Have dreams about me killing them. (Seriously, that’s what happened with all my exes. I started having these dreams where I’d kill them in various ways.) So uh. Yeah. Nothing good.

Have you ever cheated on someone?


Have you ever hurt someone emotionally on purpose?

Yes. My mother. It was back in middle school and I finally just exploded at her on the phone and let her know that I believed she was a terrible mother and that she should go die because I would never love her. I have never apologized, but she stupidly thinks that I no longer feel that way.

Have you ever hurt someone emotionally on accident?

Most likely. I’m all the time saying stupid things that are potentially hurtful. That’s why I don’t speak my mind, don’t give my opinions, and just generally try not to talk at all. Because some people I just can’t afford to lose. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.


Progressive Email

Progressive Email (Photo credit: Joe Lencioni)

Do you owe anyone money?

Yeah, I do. I owe a few people money. I owe my grandfather $250. I owe AMS $116. I don’t know how much I owe my grandmother. I’m sure there’s someone else I’m forgetting. And this is just for car insurance. Because I still don’t have a bloody job.


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