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Child Protective Services

CPS’s letter to me.

Hey there everyone, how’s it going? Hope it’s going better for you than it is me. So back in June I called Child Protective Services (CPS) on my mother because I got fed up with her for being a bitch to my little brother. This is not the first time I’ve called. This is the second. Funny thing is, the first time I called, I had next to no evidence there was anything going on, and they checked it out. This time? Ha. Ha ha. I’m posting an image of the letter but I’ll also type it. Sorry for blurring out my address, I don’t want any creepers coming to my house. And I blurred the reference number because there’s probably some law against giving that out. I’m not trying to go to jail—I’m trying to show you all the injustice of CPS. Oh, and I’ll leave the typos in too.

July 24, 2012

Ashley Baker

8– B——— B—

Chesapeake, VA. 2—-

Child’s Name: Kyle C——–

RE: Referral # 1——

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing in response to your child protective services report received on June 19,2012 at this time, the information you provided will be documented as an invalid report. This means an official investigation cannot be initiated as the particular criteria necessary to make a report valid has not been met. Virginia State Department of Social Services Policy for Child Protective Services requires invalid reports be maintained in our data systems for one year. If no other reports are received within 12 months, these invalid reports will be purged.

Should you obtain additional information that may constitute a valid report, please provide this information to our agency. Upon determination of a valid report, an investigation will commence.

We appreciate your concerns as to the welfare of this/these child/children. If you have further questions, you may contact us at 382-2000.


Tanyatta Gardner

Social Worker II


Now, who wants to know what I told them in the first place? Oh, and not to mention I have an audio clip of my mother screaming at Kyle. I told them that, too, but she didn’t want to hear the audio.

  • The last time CPS was called, CPS paid for the gas and electricity bills. This allowed the two parents to use the money they got from their son’s check to buy alcohol (beer and Jack Daniel’s) rather than buy needed food, school supplies, and clothes for the child.
  • The mother has informed me that the father and the father’s two friends that frequent the apartment smoke marijuana on a regular basis.
  • The mother often yells at the child, saying he gets on her nerves when he isn’t even in the room, that she hates him, and recently I had the misfortune of seeing this first hand when the mother blew up at the child for exiting my car and then standing next to the car. She continued yelling at him incoherently and calling him “boy” rather than calling him by name. Her voice was extremely hateful and she had obviously been drinking even though it was only 9am.
  • The mother often sleeps in, deciding that the child doesn’t need to go to school. The mother claims that he has only missed 19 days from this past school year, but I am unsure that this number is correct.
  • The father has recently not only threatened the mother, but has physically hurt her. The mother is too afraid of the father to tell doctors or police that the bruises are from the father.
  • Both parents frequently leave the child to his own devices and do their best to ignore him, even when he is trying to speak to them. The mother often tells him to go away if he bothers her while she’s on the phone or smoking a cigarette, and she becomes increasingly violent when she has been drinking.
  • A few years ago, the last time I called CPS, I mentioned that they both left the child unattended outside and that he wandered into the middle of the street.
  • The mother often allows the child to ride with his father and his father’s two friends. Most of the time the father and one friend is drunk, leaving the friend that doesn’t have a license to drive.
  • The mother has had a child taken away before due to not being able to adequately provide for that child, and for using that child’s welfare check to buy alcohol. (That child was me.)
  • The child seemed sad when I saw him, and also scared of his mother.
  • The child is usually unsupervised, and when he is he is usually supervised by someone who has been drinking or is under the influence of drugs.
  • The mother uses the excuse that the child is autistic to keep from trying to help him develop. For example, the child was not potty trained until the age of seven because the mother never bothered to attempt to train him at home, leaving the teachers to do all the work.

If my brother ends up dead because of this, I swear. And if I could take him, I would. But he’s allergic to cats, and my grandmother (who I live with) owns too many cats for him to live here. Not to mention there’s nowhere for him to sleep here. It’s not a home he could live in.

The only thing I did not tell CPS that I should have (why didn’t I think of it then?) was that one of their friends is the one that gives Kyle baths. That makes me uncomfortable. It should make them uncomfortable too.


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