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About Me #13

Aker, an ancient Egyptian personification of t...

Aker, an ancient Egyptian personification of the horizon. Two lions symbolize ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ with the sun-disk rising between the symbolic horizon between them. The hieroglyph for ‘sky’ spans across the top. Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings and the book of the dead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now we’re getting into a part called “God and the World.” So basically this is about religion. I suggest that if you don’t want to hear about religion, you walk away now.


Do you believe in God?

I believe in a God and a Goddess.


Describe God.

I believe that there is a God and a Goddess that are one entity, but can form into two, four, or any number of other entities. I believe that if you call the Goddess “Bast” or “Freya” or any name She will still answer. I believe that the God will come if you call Him “Loki” or “Osiris.” I don’t think it matters what they’re called. I also don’t think they’re completely good or evil. I believe they have a light side and a dark side, just like people, because I believe people were formed out of the image of the God and Goddess.


What religion were you raised with?

Christianity, Baptist sect. Not really horribly Southern Baptist, though.


Do you practice this religion?

No. Not anymore.


Describe your most spiritual moment.

My most spiritual moment. Well, never had any as a Christian. (Though, I’ve been told I was never a Christian, because I was never baptized, but what do I care anymore?) As whatever you want to call me now (Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, I don’t even care if you call me a devil worshiper because then I’ll just tell you, “See you in Hell.”) I’m not sure really. I know once I was at church (Christian church) and I swore I saw a black cat walk by me while they were passing those buckets for… what’s it called? Tithing? Something like that. But seeing that cat, even for just a second, made me remember that Christianity just isn’t who I am. It’s never who I wanted to be. And I can’t pretend that it is. Who am I if I simply roll over with my belly up and say I’m one thing, when I’m really another?


When was the last time you were in a house of worship?

Ironically, this past Sunday. I sometimes worry someone will catch on that I’m not Christian and the whole process that happened years ago will happen again. Only what happened back then… I was a Christian then. But that’s a story for another time.


What is death?

Death. Well, first off, you need to know I believe in spirits, ghosts, or whatever you would like to call them. I also believe in demons and angels. When we die, we find our way to what is called the Summerland, a sort of paradise until we are reincarnated. Some simply can’t find their way, and get stuck here as ghosts. Some people have lived their lives in a way that they are so angry, miserable, and full of hatred that their deaths turn them into demons, and they feed off the negative emotions of people to sustain them. They also tend to haunt ouija boards in an attempt to maybe take over the bodies of others and exact their revenge on the world. Angels are people who have finished the cycle of reincarnation and now watch over others on their quest to fulfill the cycle of reincarnation. Angels live in the Summerland full-time.


How do you picture the end of the world?

I don’t.


Has God spoken to you?

That depends on your own definition. I think something spoke to me with that black cat in a Christian church. In a way I think that was the God and Goddess reminding me who I really am, and in a way I think it was also my black cat, Shadow, come to bring me back to what I truly believe. But I’m just a crazy person. Only crazy people think animals have souls and could possibly end up as angels.


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