Posted by: Ashley Baker | April 23, 2013


Before I actually got Minecraft, I had quite a bit of time to look for cool blueprints and things to make when I finally got it. Well, one of the things I found was a large NPC village plan made by ~falcon01. They are rather large plans! You can view them here.

In case you’re wondering, I have the Biomes O’ Plenty mod installed for the different trees you see in the screenshots and I use a texture called Coterie Craft, which looks a lot like the default texture, but makes it easier to see through glass at the very least. Plus it makes the cakes look cool.


Library (Outside)

Library (Inside)

Well (Top)

I decided to add glowstone all the way down. Maybe the NPC villagers will stop jumping in if they can see the bottom…

Church (Outside)

Church (First Floor)

Church (Second Floor)

Church (Roof)


Graveyard (Entrance)

Graveyard (Graves)


Blacksmith (Outside)

Blacksmith (Inside)
Added an anvil to make it seem more… realistic?

Bakery (Outside)

Bakery (Inside)

Cobbler (Outside)

Cobbler (Inside)

Butcher (Outside)

Butcher (Inside)

Butcher (Backyard/Slaughter Yard)

L-House (Outside, First Floor)

L-House (Inside, First Floor)

L-House (Outside, Second Floor)

L-House (Inside, Second Floor)

L-House (Balcony)
They’re so close to each other that I added gates so that the villagers could visit each other at night “safely.” (It really has more to do with looking better.)

Small House (Outside)

Small House (Inside)

Medium House (Outside)

Medium House (Inside)

Medium House (Roof)

Stone House (Outside)

Stone House (Inside, First Floor)

Stone House (Inside, Second Floor)

Stone House (Roof)

Tavern/Inn (Outside)

Tavern/Inn (Outside “Porch”)

Tavern/Inn (Inside, First Floor)

Tavern/Inn (Inside, Second Floor)

Tavern/Inn (Attic)

Town Hall (Outside)

Town Hall (Inside, First Floor)

This is one of the rooms. They all look the same. There’s four on the first floor and four on the second.

Town Hall (Inside, Second Floor)

Town Hall (Attic)

Town Hall (Roof)

Public Bath (Outside)
The plans leave the top open, but I might go back and cover that up. Maybe make the rest of the roof glowstone or something.

Public Bath (Entrance)

Public Bath (Inside)

Livestock Farm & Carrot and Potato Farms


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