Posted by: Ashley Baker | April 30, 2013

Aesthetic House, Flowerbeds, & More

I’m sure those of you who actually had Minecraft back when it was in Beta and when it was in its earlier versions have heard of the Builders Mod. I know about it because, well, I watched a lot of Minecraft videos on YouTube before I got it and a lot of those videos were from Beta. Now, I couldn’t actually get the builders mod to work on my game, probably because it’s outdated and I have 1.5.1. But I was able to dig through the zip file and find the building instructions. I had to improvise on the Battle Platform, but I had no idea what code “-2” meant (“1” is stone, “64” is a door, stuff like that). But you’ll see it in the screenshots below, so why am I still talking?

On a side note, this is not Falconville. I created a new world and used the seed “Archespore” which I found on the Minecraft Wiki here. I also have the Jammy Furniture Mod installed, which is why I have more… natural looking furniture.

Aesthetic House

This actually has nothing to do with the builder mod, but it’s small so I figured I’d slip it in here real quick. You can learn how to make one here.

Battle Platform

Cactus Planter

Rose Garden (flowerbed 1)

Daisy Garden (flowerbed 2)

Flower Garden (flowerbed 3)

Sugar Cane Planter (cane planter)


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