Posted by: Ashley Baker | May 3, 2013

Small Cabin & 1.5.2 Update

Hello everyone! Minecraft is now at version 1.5.2, and until I find out how to convert my old save files so that they’ll work with the new version of Minecraft and the updated mods I use (Jammy Furniture Mod, Rei’s Minimap, Biomes O’ Plenty, and Mo’ Creatures Mod) I won’t be able to build any more onto Falconville without reconstructing it entirely, as well as theĀ Archespore seed world. But I do have some screenshots I haven’t uploaded from Archespore yet, so at least for another few days I can post some for you. And if you’re wondering when I’m going to stop building other people’s things and build my own… I will once I find what I want to build. :P

Small Cabin blueprint from here.

Built with Cherry Wood from Biomes O’ Plenty.






  1. Coterie craft texture pack? Are you playing on a server?

    • Yup, it’s Coterie Craft. ^_^ I’m playing single player. Haven’t tried any multiplayer servers yet. :)

      • Oh, you should try to play on servers, it’s fun:)

        • Any servers you would recommend?


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