Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 23, 2013

MCPro House #1

I don’t know how many of you have ever seen MCPro in the App Store on iTunes or on your iPhone, or iPad or whatnot. But I downloaded it and I’m trying to make the houses on there, and they look really cool. This is the first one I made. There will be A LOT of images, so I hope your computer/phone doesn’t explode trying to load them all! If it does, I am truly sorry. The app says this design was made by WoutR.

Once again, I’m using the Faithful texture pack.


First Floor


Second Floor

Attic/Third Floor


  1. This is awesome. Nice work, one question is there a way I can download this map without the MCPro app? If so then could you please send me a link.

    • I have not yet found a way to without the app itself, but I did save it as a schematic. I just uploaded it to Mediafire here. You’ll need MCEdit to be able to put this in your world.


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