Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 3, 2013


I saw this on Reddit a while back and thought it was cute, and finally decided to build it. I noticed a little NPC village in my test build world, and so I made them a little helicopter landing pad. Enjoy. :P


We were in an abandoned mineshaft looking for the rails. Ari got shot with a few arrows. :P

If you’re wondering when you’re going to get to see something I designed again, I did make a clock tower, but it’s based off the clock in the Jammy Furniture Mod. Once I remember to I’ll take screenshots of it. It’s on a survival server, but maaaaybe Ari (who is the owner) will let me get on creative long enough to take some screenshots. I hope so, I don’t want to make a dirt tower for it. It’s 39.5 blocks high. xD



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