Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 5, 2013

My Cats – Part 2

Goliath allowed me to take a better picture of him this morning after he ate breakfast!

Now, why don’t I mention the history of these cats?

Boots is our oldest cat, going on 13 years old. She had two brothers, Bear (who died of leukemia) and Puff (who died under unknown circumstances) as well as other siblings that I have no idea what happened to, since we didn’t get those. Her mother was a gray Persian, a stray that my mother fed. She is a very vocal cat and is quite friendly.

Joey is our second oldest, though I can’t remember how old he actually is. He is a fat cat that loves laying around. He was left in a box on the side of the road in front of our friend’s house, and we ended up taking him in. He can be very lovable, when he’s not too busy sleeping.

Chessie is yet another stray we took in. Oddly enough, she was spayed before we got her, and we have no idea what happened to her original owners. She tends to look grumpy all the time, but she’s a sweet cat. She likes to sleep on the floor with her head against the carpet.

Aiden was four weeks old when I got him. I had wanted a kitten for a while and when one of my grandfather’s friends told him about a stray cat that gave birth, I ended up getting one of the kittens. When he was a baby, Aiden used to sleep on my neck. I’m glad he doesn’t now, since he got so big. He’d crush my throat. :P

Adina is Aiden’s sister. We assume she was thrown out by her owners, since my grandmother heard a door slam and then saw the little thing run across the street. Stupidly, I went out barefoot and ended up chasing the little one around a neighbor’s back yard, stepping on pine cones, and getting bit and scratched by Adina. Eventually we did catch her, and she is a very loving cat–though she isn’t fond of some of our other cats.

Rufus was found by my aunt and her son, near the ditch by my house. He loves to drink water from the sink, and I’m not positive he will drink it any other way. He peed on my bed the first night we got him.

Gypsy is the only one of our cats that has no connections to strays that we know of. My mother’s neighbor had a pregnant cat and my mother took the kittens in when they were old enough to be away from the mother, because the neighbor didn’t want anything to do with them. My mother is a drunk and when I got to meet the kittens, they were scared to death. One of them, Gypsy, stayed close to me and laid on my lap almost the entire time. I ended up begging my grandmother to let me bring her home. She was anemic for a time, but we got her out of that stage.

Firefly, we suspect, is one of Erika’s children from her first litter. If that’s true, Firefly has five other siblings–Orea, Tiger, and Pickles are the only ones whose names I remember. My aunt still has Pickles. Firefly is a skittish cat that only lets me pet her when I’m giving her food.

Erika is the mother of way too many kids. Her first litter had six kittens, her second two (Queenie and Erin), and her third five boys (Trouble, Max, Leo, Fuzzy, and Riley). She is somewhat skittish but is getting better about letting me pet her. She is a wonderful mother, but probably wishes she could get away from her family.

Phantom was abandoned by his original owners. I knew him as a kitten, or at least I met him once. He was owned by someone that rented a house from my dad. He is an extremely loving cat and gives me hugs (he puts his paws around my neck and buts his head against my chin), and loves everyone, even strangers. You might notice that his ear is cropped–we had him fixed when he was still a stray, and they crop the left ear of stray cats so that if they are caught again, they know that cat has been fixed.

Trouble, Max, Leo, Fuzzy, and Riley are known as the April Fool’s Kittens, as they were born on April Fool’s Day. Trouble was the first born, and is the biggest. He lives up to his name. Max was the second smallest, but has ended up being the runt now that he is grown up. He loves attention, and is a mama’s boy. Leo is a mess and at two weeks old, I woke up to find him staring at me on my full size bed, which is a foot off the ground, plus at least another foot of box spring and mattress. He demands the most attention. Fuzzy loves trying to get attention when we’re doing something. Riley was originally the runt, but he’s bigger than Max now. He has become a little shy since he grew up, but he still lets me pet him and hold him sometimes.

Adele and Devon are Erika’s grandkits, and have two sisters: Raven and Adair, who live with my aunt. Devon was a feisty little thing when he was younger, and hissed at me a lot–which is why I wanted him. My grandmother was in love with Adele. We ended up keeping both. Devon is actually a wuss, but he’s funny and tends to take amusing pictures.

Smiley and Dallas came next. I helped my aunt rescue these two, along with their brother, Memphis (who my aunt owns… xD). Dallas was stuck between one of my aunt’s deck steps, and he was a pain. Originally we were just going to keep Smiley, but my aunt couldn’t connect with Dallas, so we ended up taking him in, too. He’s a bit of a nuisance, but I love him. He just likes to get under my feet a bit too much.

Cosmo, Goliath, and Casey were all caught at the same time. We borrowed cat traps from a friend and then got them fixed while they were still strays, which is why they have cropped ears. Cosmo has become lovable and will even let me rub his belly. Goliath loves anyone with food and will try his best to get a piece of anything you’re eating. Casey has remained wild and will not let me approach him. Sometimes I am able to surprise him and touch him, and he hates it. Cornering him is a bad idea. Trust me, I have the scars to prove it. (I was trying to give him flea medicine. We’ve decided to stick with tablets for him since then.)

Queenie is Erika’s daughter, and was another one we had fixed when she was a stray. We didn’t keep her at first because she smacked my grandmother in the face and clawed me when we got near her food, but during a snow storm last year I decided I was going to get her in. I should have worn better socks, because mine came off while I was carrying her and I had to backtrack and pick them up. She has ended up being a very good cat and hasn’t hit us since. We believe Smiley and Dallas are her children. (Our cats can’t get rid of their family, can they?)

Stella was our last addition. We believe she is the sister of Goliath and Cosmo. She was very friendly for a stray, which makes little sense to us, but I find her charming and lovely. She is scared of the other cats and they tend to chase her, so I have to actually take her to the kitty litter and guard her. But sometimes when I take her with me when I’m in the bathroom, she’ll start playing with things on the floor and running around, acting like a normal cat. (Not that any of my cats are normal.) Right now I have the strongest connection with her.


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