Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 2, 2013

LioDen: A Lion SIM

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So, my friend Kat  just introduced me to this SIM… I’m mostly playing because I saw a screenshot of what the cubs look like and they’re ADORABLE. So if you want something to waste time on besides Minecraft, try this. :P

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 30, 2013

Modern House

Another build from Jarid Gaming, a modern house.

Once again, using the Faithful texture pack.

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 29, 2013

Small Medieval House

Here’s another of Jarid Gaming’s builds, the small medieval house.

Using the Faithful texture pack.

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 28, 2013

Small Rustic House

I’m not sure how many of you know of Jarid Gaming on YouTube, but I very much like his builds and decided while I’m waiting for him to upload more of the Kingdom series, I’d make some of his smaller builds. Here’s the small rustic house.

I remembered to use the Faithful texture pack this time.

NOTICE: If you decide to make this house and you are playing on the PC version of minecraft, make sure you use /gamerule doFireTick False! You must type “doFireTick” exactly like that or it won’t recognize it. This will keep the fire from spreading and allow you to have a fireplace in a place with so much wood.

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 26, 2013

Star House

My friend *Deceleration-Waltz made a free pixel star resource back in 2012. I decided to try to make a house using one of the 50×50 pixel stars. :) It’s a rather small build, I’m afraid, but hopefully some other time I’ll make something bigger.



Notice the blue spots that show up in the picture above? They’re columns of water. The only way to get to the second floor is to swim up one of the five water pillars.

First Floor

Second Floor
Yes, that is a giant skylight!

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 25, 2013

Water House

Remember the Minecraft Constructions Wiki? Time for another building from there. This one is the Water House. I built mine on my Test Builds superflat map, and I have no water around it, so sorry about that. :P






Front Deck

Side Rooms (They’re identical)

Back Deck (Leads to both rooms and front deck)

Top Room

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 24, 2013

MCPro House #2

I believe the person who built this is RuvinRice, but the app shows the name so fast I’m not positive… it could be RuvineRice. Anyway, here’s the second house design from MCPro! If anyone can figure out what the redstone is for on the side (I post it in the last picture), please let me know, because I haven’t a clue. :P






When you walk in…


Dining Room


Living Room

Little Garden

Fireplace & Giant Fish Tank

To the second floor!

Second Floor

Middle Room

Blue Room (Left Doors)

Red Room (Right Doors)

Second Floor (Right Side)

Second Floor (Left Side)

Stairs to roof


I don’t know what this is for…

Better view of the waterfalls.

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 23, 2013

A Very Oddly Shaped House

A little while ago I made a house in a very odd shape. I was just fooling around with how things looked when they’re not a square or a rectangle. Here’s how it turned out.







Inside (Front)

Inside (Left)

Inside (Back)

Inside (Right)


Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 23, 2013

MCPro House #1

I don’t know how many of you have ever seen MCPro in the App Store on iTunes or on your iPhone, or iPad or whatnot. But I downloaded it and I’m trying to make the houses on there, and they look really cool. This is the first one I made. There will be A LOT of images, so I hope your computer/phone doesn’t explode trying to load them all! If it does, I am truly sorry. The app says this design was made by WoutR.

Once again, I’m using the Faithful texture pack.


First Floor


Second Floor

Attic/Third Floor

Posted by: Ashley Baker | June 11, 2013


Decided to jump on the bandwagon and draw one of those Pokefusions. I edited the sketch in GIMP.

Cunine SketchCunine

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