Posted by: Ashley Baker | July 9, 2012

Back Seat Cooler

2001-2002 Kia Rio photographed in Fort Washing...

2001-2002 Kia Rio photographed in Fort Washington, Maryland, USA. Category:Kia Rio DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright, so here’s the most recent crazy idea I’ve had. I have a little 2001 Kia Rio, and for those of you who are like me and have been dealing with triple digit temperatures, you know how hot a car gets. So between hanging out with WMS and WEW, with the coolers filled with ice, I started wondering… what if I turned my back seat into a cooler?

Think about this a moment. What I’d do is I’d hollow out the inside, then have cushions on top and it’d look just like a regular car seat. I mean, who would think about there being a cooler unless they sat down and their butt froze? And, really, with this summer the way it is, I don’t know anyone who would mind frostbite in the middle of this heat.

But there was a slight problem with this. The ice will eventually melt. I thought perhaps an AC unit could be created inside it to keep the ice frozen while the car is on, so that it won’t melt so fast.

What do you think? Would you turn your back seat into a cooler?


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