Posted by: Ashley Baker | May 31, 2012

Hello world!

Well hello there. I’ve never been good with the “first post” business, so instead of making a huge production of trying to figure out what to say, I’ll just welcome you to Sleepy Kitten. I know a lot of people post some stuff about themselves, and that most people do it in their first post and then later go back and make an “About” page, so here’s some info on me to satisfy you until I actually get with the picture.

Name:  Ashley Baker

Address:  757 Sleepy Kitten Lane

Phone number:  Don’t count on ever getting it.

Place of birth:  The United States of America, in a state, in a city, in a hospital.

Date of birth:  April 21, 1993. Meaning yes, I’ll be 20 soon and thus I’ll be labeled “old” by you young folk.

Taurus Symbol

Taurus Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Astrological sign:  Taurus (the bull)

Profession:  Not sure what a profession is? Click here. Either way, I don’t have one.

Education:  High School Diploma

Height:  5′ 4”

Weight:  You never ask a lady her weight unless you have no problem with the answer being, “May I hit you with a cinder block?”

Hair color:  Brown

Eye color:  We’re still debating on what color it is. My grandma says hazel, others say brown, and I say, “I REALLY don’t care.”

Distinguishing marks:  I have a single “freckle” on each ring finger.

Blood type:  Couldn’t tell you, I don’t know.

Allergies:  If I’m allergic to you, you’ll know. Trust me.


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